XIAMEN SIMAG INDUSTRIALY CO., is a leading supplier of industrial materials in China, commencing business since the year of 2005, which contributed over 15 years in global market through industrial experienced team in raw materials involved in Aluminium, Steel, Ferro and Chemical industries.

We offer customers a wide range of raw materials of pure silicon metal, magnesium ingot/alloy, manganese metal, silicon metal power, etc. With such strong sourcing background, our materials are now exporting to over 20 countries such as Asia, Middle-East, America, Europe and Africa.

Since 2005, SIMAG professional team insist on innovation, market proximity and an absolutely customer-oriented approach helps us become a trend-setting silicon metal refiner. The high technology characterizing chemical and physical analysis laboratory allows a strict control of materials. SIMAG team is able to solve any metallurgical problems related to the use of supplied products. We are committed to developing high-quality specialist products and customized high purity products.

Qualified and motivated staff, use of carefully selected raw materials and generous storage of final product together with delivery punctuality, allow SIMAG to respond efficiently to market changes which ensures a considerable market share and an important presence in the overseas market.





- Pure Silicon Metal, both metallurgical grade and chemical grade. 

 (Off grade Si 97%, Si 553, Si 441, Si 421, Si 411, Si 3303, Si 2202 etc.)
- Magnesium Ingot (99.9%, 99.95%, 300 gram, 100 gram, Small Ingot, T-bar, Butt End, etc)

- Silicon Metal Powder (can be customized per specification)
- Magnesium Alloy Ingot (AZ91, AZ63, AM50A, AM60B)
- Manganese Flakes ( Mn: 99.7% Min)    





SIMAG Strictly carry out production management and quality control according to ISO9001 management system.


  • a system for inspection to all delivery products in accordance with specified requirements;

  • a system for transportation, storage and monitoring the products in our own special warehouse;

  • a system for measuring customer satisfaction, and bench marking as basis for improvement.

We exercise a refined quality control system to assess and supervise production, procurement, logistics and administration. This ensures the supply of high- quality products and services to our clients all over the world. Since the establishment, SIMAG has built a good reputation amongst customers abroad as well as domestically.




Silicon Metal


During the past years, SIMAG has set up and kept stable supply chain of silicon metal for well known world aluminum giants, such as Alcoa, Rusal, EGA, etc. SIMAG handles a complete variety of silicon metal, including both metallurgical grade and chemical grade. Compared with other suppliers, we are privileged in providing products of high purity, low iron, low phosphorus ingredient silicon metal, with the phosphorus level around 25ppm to 40ppm (such as grades 22015, 2202, 3303)


Silicon metal

CAS Number:

7440-21-3 / HS Code: 28046900


Metal gray color, hard and brittle, lump shape.


High melting point, electrical resistance and oxidation resistance, well heat resistance.

General Size:

10-100mm, 90% Min or can customize as per requirements.

General Packing:

1MT per woven bag or can customize as per requirements.


Silicon Metal is used in the motor vehicle industry, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, is the basis for a high-tech industry.

Magnesium Ingot

Magnesium is a new type of light weight corrosion-resistant metal material developed in the 20th century. Its application is mainly concentrated in the four fields of magnesium alloy production, aluminum alloy production, steel-making and desulfurization, and aviation military industry. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, light industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, electronic industry and instrument manufacturing industry.


Magnesium Ingot

HS Code:



Light weight, good thermal conductivity, electromagnetic shielding ability

Standard Material

Mg (99.8-99.9%)

General Size:

7.5KG +/- 0.5KG per ingot; 1KG +/- 0.5KG per ingot;                                                         300G per ingot; 100KG ~ 120KG T-bar etc.

General Packing:

1~ 1.25MT per magnesium pallet or can customize as per requirements.


High purity, corrosion resistant alloys are considered the metal of choice for automotive, electronic, power tool, telecommunication and computer component industries.  

Manganese Metals

Manganese and manganese alloy is one of the indispensable important raw materials in iron and steel, aluminum alloy, magnetic material, chemical industry and so on. With the continuous development of science and technology and the improvement of productivity level, electrolytic manganese metal because of its high purity and low impurity characteristic, has been successfully and widely used in steel smelting, non-ferrous metallurgy, electronics, chemical industry, environmental protection, food hygiene, the welding electrode industry, aerospace industry and other fields.

The refining method of manganese metal is mainly thermal method (fire method) and electrolysis method (wet method), thermal production (metal manganese) purity is not more than 95~98%, and pure metal manganese is prepared by electrolysis method (electrolytic manganese), its purity can reach 99.7~99.9% above.

Product name

Electrolytic manganese metal flake




99.5-99.7% Min


Metallurgy, Chemical, Electronics industry.

Unit Weight




Mn content

99.5%, 99.7%,99.8%


1 ton per woven bag Or can be customized as per requirements.



Silicon Metal Inspection:

Raw Materials:  Testing all raw materials based on ISO standards.

In smelting:     A portion of samples were randomly selected from top, middle and bottom layer.

Pre-shipment:   20-30% of total qty were randomly selected as samples.

3KG samples were selected from top, middle and bottom.

Each 60MT were sent to third party for applying certificates.


▶ Payment term: